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Luxury hotels in Tallinn, Estonia

With the Soviet era long behind it, Tallinn has eagerly shed its sense of hammer and sickle Communist kitsch and cultivated instead its appreciation for life’s finer things. This small Nordic capital of 400,000 skillfully makes the most of its ample attractions. It offers the visitor a relaxed pace, abundant natural and historic beauty, together with great value luxury hotels, an ever better dining scene and hedonistic evening fun.

The jewel in Tallinn’s crown is the small but incredibly well-preserved Old Town, its cobbled streets framed by a fairy tale skyline of turrets, red-tiled roofs and graceful church spires. The romance of wandering the cobbled streets and peeping into centuries-old courtyards, especially after sunset, is a simple joy.

Among the architectural eye-candy you’ll also find a city ready to serve up sensuous treats. From the comforts of a luxury hotel room nestled between ancient limestone walls and the savour of fine food and wine, to the touch of a spa therapist’s hands, the salt sea tang aboard a shore cruise or the pulse-quickening beats of Tallinn’s legendary nightlife, it’s all at your feet.