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Luxury hotels in Riga, Latvia

The Republic of Latvia is situated in the Baltic region of the European continent. The country is surrounded by Estonia on the north end, Lithuania to the south and on the east end are Belarus and the massive Russian Federation, with Belarus being at its closest proximity. Latvia is composed of 26 districts out of which the district of Riga is among the largest. Riga city, its capital is one of the most bustling and visually captivating areas in the entire Baltic region.

The Riga district is Latvia’s administrative center, with the well developed infrastructure of the district and major motorways, the city has blossomed into one of Latvia’s most important commercial hubs. The geography of Riga is quite unique in that it has commercial epicenters as well as a major part of its surface is covered with pine trees and dense forests. There are some major lakes in the region, in fact Latvia has some of the largest collection of lakes with Babite Lake being the biggest amongst them. These lakes are also formed as a run off from the three major rivers of Latvia, the Daugava, the Lielupe and the Gauja, which cut through the Riga district.

The district of Riga is also rich in flora and fauna. Riga city has been accredited the status of a UNESCO world heritage site because of its unique Jugendstil architectural designs. The visual beauty of Riga is something to be seen and experienced in person with the Riga Castle, Saint Peter’s Church and the dotted Mezaparks standing out as truly unique destinations.